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Northern Neck Regional Jail Community Corrections FAQs

What Every Client Needs to Know!

Q: Can I drink?

A: If the Judge did not order "no alcohol" and did not order substance abuse testing and/or treatment and you have no apparent drinking problem, you may consume alcohol. You may not drink to excess, meaning your drinking results in further problems with the legal system or interferes with your orderly conduct or your job.

Q: Can I travel?

A: Unless you are specifically forbidden to leave the local area by the Court or your Probation Officer, you may travel after first getting approval from your Probation Officer. You must provide detailed information regarding your plans.

Q: Can my probation be revoked for not working?

A: Yes. Regular employment is a condition of supervision and often is specifically ordered by the Judge. Unless you have a verified disability that prohibits you from working, you must maintain regular, lawful employment.

Q: Can I perform community service for my restitution?

A: No. Although you can work off court fines and costs, you must make monetary payment if restitution is ordered.

Q: If I have to do community service for different Courts, can I just do the required hours for one court and use them for all the Courts?

A: No. You must complete additional hours for each Court. For example, if one Court orders 40 hours and then you get 40 hours from another Court, you must complete a total of 80 hours. You may not use the first 40 hours for both Courts.