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Northern Neck Pretrial Services provides pretrial service for Richmond, Westmoreland, Northumberland and Lancaster Counties, the Northern Neck Regional Jail and the Lancaster County Jail.

Pretrial Services primary goal is to reduce the pretrial jail population. The agency accomplishes this goal in two ways.

  • The first is to provide information and risk assessment to judicial officers so that bond decisions are made with the most complete information available in order to ensure that equitable and safe release decisions are made. Also, to ensure the least restrictive terms and conditions of bail are set that reasonably assure a defendant will appear in court and not present a danger to themselves or the community during the pretrial stage.
  • The second is to provide pretrial supervision to monitor compliance with pretrial bond conditions to mitigate risk factors and good behavior and to ensure appearance in court.

This will be accomplished through the application of Evidence Based Practices which include six critical Constitutional, Federal and State Legal Principles.

  • Presumption of Innocence
  • Right to Counsel
  • Right Against Self-incrimination
  • Right to Due Process of Law
  • Right to Equal Protection Under the Law
  • Right to bail that is not Excessive

For more information please call 804-333-6012 or 804-333-6005.