Northern Neck Regional Jail

Offender ReEntry and Transition Services

Persons about to be released from incarceration or those who have been recently released to the Northern Neck are eligible for Offender Re-Entry and Transition Services (ORTS). ORTS provides the following services based on the availability of funds:

Pre Release

ORTS Image

Post Release

To receive services, you must meet with the Case Manager for an intake interview. This interview will involve providing information about yourself such as; your criminal history, alcohol or drug use, and employment history. You must further authorize ORTS by written release to provide services or make outside referrals for services you may need.

The ORTS office is located at the Northern Neck Regional Jail and is open Monday through Thursday 8:00 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. You may contact the case manager for further information or comments by:

It is recommended that an inmate contact the case manager approximately 90 days before release from an institution. The offender must be willing to help him or herself because their long term success depends on them, not ORTS.