Northern Neck Regional Jail

Our Members

Ted Hull
Superintendent Superintendent Photo
  The Superintendent is appointed by the jail board to be responsible for the day to day management of the jail. The Superintendent exerts line authority over all employees. He is the Chief Executive authority within the jail.
Phyllis Back
Deputy Superintendent Majors photo
  The Deputy Superintendent exercises line authority over all jail personnel below the rank of Major in the day-to-day operation of the jail. The Deputy Superintendent reports directly to the Superintendent. The Deputy Superintendent assumes command in the absence of the Superintendent.
Director of Security Captains photo
The Director of Security exercises line authority over all Security Lieutenants, Sergeants, and Jail Officers in the day to day security operations of the jail. The Security Division is directly responsible for the safety, security, and order of the inmates and the institution.
Amy Dameron
Director of Support Services chief services photo
The Director of Support Services exercises line authority over all Inmate Services personnel in the day to day operations of the jail. Support Services area of responsibility covers Medical, Meal Preparation, and Inmate Programs.
Auriel Walker
Director of Community Corrections  CCCA Director
  The Director of Community Corrections exercises authority over all Community Corrections personnel in the day to day operations of the Community Corrections Program. The Community Corrections program is responsible for local probation, community services monitoring, and pre release and post incarceration services.
Michelle Lewis
Director of Finance/HR Finance Director photo
  The Director of Finance Ensures legal and regulatory compliance for all accounting and financial reporting functions. Oversees cost and general accounting, accounts receivable/payables, payroll, and risk management. Also exercises functional authority over all jail employees regarding personnel matters to include the process of hiring new employees and staff training.